Notes from the Trail Index

Day 1 Making our list and checking it twice.

Day 3 A walk on the wild side at the Brookfield Zoo

Day 5 Getting our feet wet at the Shedd Aquarium

Day 8 Our first taste of Costa Rica!

Day 10 Making our way to the Caribbean

Day 12 Looking for Leather Back Sea Turtles

Day 15 Hot coastal days, cool coastal nights!

Day 17 Amazing animal encounters

Day 19 Exploring San Jose

Day 22 Volcanic Encounters

Day 24 A walk with Bombero

Day 26 Exploring the Venado Caves

Day 29 Exploring Costa Rica's other forests

Day 31 Pika says goodby

Day 33 Catching some waves in Jaco

This page will contain a list of all of the previous Notes from the Trail entries.

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