Turkey Vultures

Adult Turkey Vultures are very large, raptors. They have very long wings and have black feathers on their body and brown feathers on their wings. All Turkey Vultures have a white beak, and featherless heads. Young Turkey Vultures have a gray head while adults have a red head. Turkey Vultures live year round in Latin Read More

Adelie Penguin

Adélie penguins are natural born swimmers. In the Olympics, the best swimmers from around the world can reach speeds of just under 5 mph, but they can’t keep it up for long. Adélie penguins have no trouble swimming at a pace of 5 mph for hours on end, and they can sprint even faster. When Read More


There are 42 species of Toucans found throughout the world. Six of them live in Costa Rica. A toucan’s most recognizable feature is it’s beak. The beak is surprisingly light weight, because it is hollow. Scientists continue to be baffled why toucans have such oversized beaks. Toucans are only found in the tropics. The keel-billed Read More