When’s Dinner?

Gosh. I’m hungry. When do we eat? I like to give subtle hints to Amy and Dave, to let them know when it is time to feed me. I get two meals a day. (Really, I would prefer five or six.)

The day begins when I hear Dave and Amy wake up. Once I hear them talking to each other, I position myself just outside the tent door and then I whine. I’ll whine and bark until they get out of the tent and pour out some kibble for me.

In the evenings I have to be very patient. We usually land. Amy sets up the tent. Dave starts a fire and cooks dinner. Then the two of them eat dinner. Can you believe that I have to wait through all that?! It is difficult to stay calm sometimes. They feed me in the pot, so I guess that is why I eat second. When I get a bit of leftover cheese or sauce from their dinner, it is a special treat. Gosh. All this talk of food is making me hungry. When’s dinner?9_25_11Fennel

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