What route should we follow through the Great Lakes?



Amy and I have been looking at maps and reading everything we can about the thousands of miles of lakes and rivers that we will explore this spring and summer.  When we reach Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, we have a big choice to make and we need your help!  We have two choices, we could follow the traditional fur trade route, which leaves Georgian Bay and heads north and then east to Montreal, or we could follow a more modern route that uses man made canals to connect Georgian Bay with Lake Ontario. The distance is very similar, but the things we would encounter along the way could be very different.

The fur trade route leaves Georgian Bay and follows a series of lakes and rivers to the Ottawa River, which leads to Ottawa. Ottawa is the capitol of Canada. The route then continues on to Montreal, Quebec.  This route would take us through wild inland lakes and rivers that were used for hundreds of years by native people and the fur trade to shuttle furs and supplies between Montreal and Lake Superior.  We would also have the chance to spend a few days in Quebec, where people speak French.

The Great Lakes route would allow us to explore more of Georgian Bay and Lake Ontario. We could focus more the Great Lakes and would also learn about the Trent Severn Canal, which connects Georgian Bay with Lake Ontario.

Here are a few links that you can use to learn more before you vote.

Trent Severn Waterway


Georgian Bay


Canadian Fur Trade


Lake Ontario


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