What I Eat

I suppose you might be wondering what I eat too. . . I think that my diet is a bit less interesting than Dave and Amy’s. Lately, they have been feeding me dog food. They try to buy stuff for me that is high in protein and fat. If I am extra good, they give me a hunk of lard. Mmm. . . mmm. I love lard! This diet would be unhealthy for a human, but for a sled dog it is just right.

I remember, earlier in the summer, Dave caught fish for me. That was super delicious. I would watch him while he would stand on shore and cast his line in the water. I would get so excited when he caught a fish, that I would wade in the water and try to grab it! Dave and Amy would eat fish too, but they would always save plenty for me. I guess the fishing hasn’t been too good lately. Sometimes I hear a splash in the water and I run over, hoping that I can catch a fish. So far, I haven’t had any luck with this.



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