Trenchards Inlet, South Carolina

The wind was strong today so we paddled in the sheltered channels between islands. The wind was blowing from the west, so we had a headwind for a good part of the day. Seeing these channels at low tide was amazing. Oysters were everywhere! We saw several groups of people out harvesting oysters too. This evening a cold front moved in. As we were eating dinner, Dave commented on the fact that the wind had died. Within a minute we heard the trees rustling and then felt a strong gust of wind from the northeast. Whitecaps built quickly and we were both glad that we hadn’t been on the water at that moment. We hurried to finish our chores and dive in to the shelter of the tent. Distance traveled: 17 miles by kayak Animals seen: Thousands of oysters 48 American Oystercatchers 2 Bald Eagles 5 Turkey Vultures 6 Sanderlings 8 cormorants 12 Brown Pelicans 5 gulls 3 Red-throated Loons

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