The food we eat in the Wilderness

imageA few days ago, several of our friends came out to meet us. They entered the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness at Moose Lake. It was a cold and snowy day. They paddled their canoes a few miles down the lake to find us. They were carrying several big backpacks, called Duluth packs, full of food. We met up with them on the portage trail between Splash Lake and Newfound Lake. This is how we received our resupply.

We were really glad to receive this resupply, because it contained over one month’s worth of food. The reason for getting so much food is that ice will begin forming on the lakes soon. When ice does start forming, travel can be difficult. With all our food with us, we will be ready to wait for the ice to form and no one will have to travel to deliver food in difficult conditions.


If you were going to get all the food you needed for a month all at once, what would you pack? We had to plan ahead to make sure that we would get enough food. We also had to make sure to include a variety of foods so that we will be eating a balanced diet. To figure out what we needed, we made a big chart. We decided what we wanted to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then we calculated how many pounds of food were needed. I’ll share with you what we eat. I bet that some of it will be similar to what you eat at home. Some of it may be different too.

For breakfast, we eat oatmeal or granola with dried fruit and milk. For lunch, we eat trail mix, dried vegetables, dried fruit, and we make wraps with tortillas and cheese or peanut butter. For dinner, we eat rice and beans or spaghetti with lots of dried vegetables. Sometimes we add a special treat like bannock or cake. Do you know what bannock is? It is a bread made in a frying pan, kind of like biscuits.

Amy displays bannock that she fried on our woodstove.

Amy displays bannock that she fried on our woodstove.

When we are traveling in the Wilderness, we need a lot of energy. Food is our fuel, so it is important to eat a balanced diet. A lot of important vitamins and nutrients come from vegetables. Our vegetables are dried, because fresh vegetables would spoil. What is your favorite vegetable? We also try to eat the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. We get protein from nuts and lentils. The carbohydrates we eat are oats, rice, pasta, and bannock. We get fat from nuts and oils, like olive oil.

There you have it, our diet in the Wilderness. Is there anything we eat that is similar to what you eat? What do we eat that is different? Is there any food that I didn’t mention that you think we should pack next time?

Discussion Questions:

What do you eat each day?

What are healthy foods? What are unhealthy foods?

What are the food groups?

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