The Final Week


Cedar Gordon: The last day of sailing we went from Windigo on the south end of Isle Royale to Grand Marais, MN. It poured rain pretty much the whole day. It was cold windy and foggy too. Coulter, Cedar, Lamar and I stayed in the cabin for most of the day. When we were about 2 hours out, Coulter and I went out in to the cockpit. It was very wet, but still fun. Lamar and Cedar stayed in the cabin playing round after round of Mancala. Now everybody has left. We have made life-long friends and expanded our boat family, as we usually do on these trips. Thank you to Brooke, Claire, Coulter, Cedar, Keera, and Zander for making this trip sooooo amazing. I love you guys!!

2016-06-02 08.30.49

Coulter Holden: I have had some really cool experiences on this trip. I would love to return to Port Coldwell and also climb there some day. I will always remember it.

2016-06-01 12.47.22

Cedar Holden: As I sit here and think of the last two weeks it’s hard to pick out parts to write about. It all blends together like a dream—the wind and waves, the fog and rain, the sun and the sparkling water. It all just blends in—happiness, peace, and the life we all want to live

a mysterious structure in the middle of nowhere

Lamar Gordon: we are in Grand Marais at the end of the trip. There are so many fun memories to think about and remember. It seems surreal that the trip is over. I have many new friends on this trip that I will remember forever. I have also seen so many new places and experienced many cool things and adventures. I will be thinking about this trip for a long time.


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What is Sea Change 2016? A spring sailing voyage on Lake Superior!  Life-changing adventure with a purpose:  to inform, demonstrate, and inspire climate change solutions along the shores of Lake Superior. Follow along through the crew’s regular blog posts.

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