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Expedition Extensions

Looking for ways to use our online expeditions in your classroom?
We have developed dozens of lessons for 3rd to 8th grade students that are aligned to Common Core Anchor standards, and designed to be used with our online expeditions. Our lesson plans aligned to english and math Common Core Anchor standards will help you incorporate our online expeditions into your curriculum.

Cast Your Vote

These lesson plans and activities will help students vote and decide what the team decide where they should go and what they should study.

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Daily Data

Use these lesson plans and worksheets with the Daily Data section of our Expedition Updates.

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Daily Dilemma

These lessons are designed to help students improve critical thinking and communication skills using Dave's Dilemmas, which are also known as Daily Dilemmas.

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Mystery photos

Use these lesson plans to help student solve our mystery photos and improve critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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Video Clips

These lesson plans and worksheets are designed to be used with the Video Clips section of our Expedition Updates.

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Critter Encounter Chart

Students will record information about the animals seen from various sources within the Wilderness Classroom web site into a chart. Students will make observations about data collected and record where they found the data.