Getting Started

Each year the Wilderness Classroom conducts a series of online learning adventures, which allow students to interact with expedition members exploring remote locations around the world. Our online expeditions are used by over 3,200 teachers and 100,000 3rd to 8th grade students and have proven to be an effective way to improve students’ vocabulary, reading, critical thinking, and communication skills. Our cross-curricular approach helps teachers tie our program in to their art, language arts, math, science, and social studies lessons.

These educational adventures are available free of charge thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, sponsors, foundations, and private donations. We encourage all new educators to register, it is free and only takes a minute. When you sign up you will gain access to all our lesson plans, and allows us to keep you informed about upcoming learning adventures and other educational opportunities.

Expedition Updates

Each learning adventure is focused around updates that contain photos, videos, scientific data, journal entries, podcasts, interactive polls, and other content updated weekly throughout each project. Each update contains a variety of content designed to engage, educate, and excite your students.

Notes From The Trail – Journal entries, photos, and daily data keep students informed and active in the adventure.

Dave’s Dilemma Students use their higher-order thinking skills to help the team make decisions and solve problems.

PodcastEvery Wednesday you can listen to our audio updates.

Video Clips – One to two minute videos uploaded from the trail give students unique glimpses into expedition life and the plants, animals, and people the team encounter. You will need Flash 8.0 or higher to view our videos.

Mystery Photo – Each week, students can use their investigative skills to solve a mystery. Clues are provided and responses are sent to the adventurers. Mystery Photos are a huge hit with 1st to 4th grade students.

Cast Your Vote – Decide where the adventurers go, what they do, and what they study by casting your vote using online polls. Please use the maps to find out more about the options presented. Encourage students to submit their reasons why they voted for a particular option.


Lesson Plans Our goal is to make it easy for teachers to integrate our program into their existing curriculum. To accomplish this we have developed a wide range of quick activities (most with worksheets) to use in conjunction with Notes From The Trail, Amazon Animals, Mystery Photo, and Cultural Connections. You may download the plans and print them out for additional reference.

Wilderness LibraryThe Wilderness Library contains a wealth of information for you and your students. Included are useful facts and pictures about the different animals, plants the team encounter. Many teachers have each student pick a plant or animal and do a research project or art project.

Archived AdventuresTake your students on a journey through the Amazon Rainforest, dogsledding through the land of the Polar Bears, or dive into a Coral Reef. Many of our previous expeditions are archived so that you can explore our past adventures.