Tank’s Thoughts: Dog Food and People Food

Hi everybody. I’m Tank. I’m a sled dog. Acorn is my mom. Tina is my sister. I like to pull the dogsled. I run fast. I’m starting to realize that I probably pull more weight than my mom and sister. That’s okay. I am twice their size. I also like it when Dave scratches behind my ear. I like to eat too. That’s what I want to tell you more about this week: diet.

Here I am eating breakfast. Yum!

Here I am eating breakfast. Yum!


What do you eat each day?

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Acorn, Tina and I eat two meals a day. Amy cooks up our food in a big pot over a camp stove. She puts water, frozen chicken and a high protein dog food into the pot. The chicken thaws and the dog food soaks up the water. It is basically a soup for dogs. Yum! My favorite! I guess my diet is a bit different from yours.

Amy cooks up our dog food.

Amy cooks up our dog food.

What are healthy foods? What are unhealthy foods?

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I’ll tell you what I know about people food, based on watching Amy and Dave. I hear there are five food groups. Do you know what the five food groups are? They are vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins and dairy. Vegetables and fruits give you the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. Whole grains are good for your heart. Protein helps you build a strong body. Dairy helps you build strong bones and teeth.

Can you think of examples of each of the food groups?

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Dave tells me that he and Amy eat a lot of things that you would eat at home – like rice, pasta, and granola. Some things are different. For example, I bet you don’t have powdered milk with your cereal in the morning. Dave’s mom dehydrated a lot of the vegetables and fruits that they eat. Do you eat dehydrated or fresh fruits and vegetables?

This is an example of the food Dave and Amy eat.

This is an example of the food Dave and Amy eat.

A typical breakfast that Dave and Amy eat is oatmeal or granola with powdered milk and fruit. While traveling, they carry an energy bar or two in their pockets, to snack on. Any time they open a bar, I turn my head, hoping it is a dog treat. Lunch is usually cheese on whole grain tortillas, warm soup and trail mix. Dinner is usually spaghetti or rice and beans with vegetables. I’m curious about this people food. Why don’t you just eat the same thing all the time? Why do you eat more meals than me?

My sister, Tina, is always reading for another serving.

My sister, Tina, is always reading for another serving.

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