Tampa Bay, Florida

We spent the day paddling and portaging from Port Richey into Tampa Bay. This meant that we paddled in saltwater and freshwater all in one day. We saw all sorts of interesting birds. Today’s route was a shortcut into Tampa Bay. We spent a couple hours kayaking in the Gulf. Then we paddled up a river into Salt Lake. Our first portage was short. We paddled again and then had a longer portage into Tarpon Lake. We used our carts for this portage. We paddled again and eventually portaged around a dam that keeps saltwater from running into the freshwater lake during high tide. We passed many houses today. We crossed under several bridges too. I was impressed to see so many herons, pelicans and terns in an area that is so populated.

Distance traveled: 32 miles by kayak

1 Yellow-crowned Night-heron
12 Ospreys
40 Double-crested Cormorants
1 Cooper’s Hawk
4 American Scoters
20 Brown Pelicans
6 Common Terns
8 Black Skimmers
2 Green Herons
1 Great Egret
5 Snowy Egrets
1 Common Loon
6 Tri-colored Herons
2 Great Blue Herons

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