Navaite Rapids and Top Hat Rock

Three days ago we loaded our canoe where Theodore Roosevelt first caught a glimpse of the Rio Roosevelt. One hundred years ago Roosevelt and his team followed the telegraph line to where it crossed this then unknown river and began their descent. The river seems unchanged from Roosevelt’s time. The forest is alive with a Read More

The end of the river, but the adventure continues

6_17_14 Student Response (Lower) 6_17_14 Student Response (Upper) One hundred years ago President Roosevelt and his exhausted team rounded a bend in the Rio Roosevelt. It was like hundreds of other bends they had rounded, but this time they were greeted by the American and Brazilian flags fluttering in the wind and the sound of Read More

A jackpot of unexpected events

6_9_14 Student Response Worksheet (Lower) 6_9_14 Student Response Worksheet (Upper) The hot sun brought an early end to our travels yesterday, but this was the start of several unexpected events. We stopped at an old farmstead, were greeted warmly by its sole inhabitant, Jose, and settled in for the day. When Jose commented that this Read More

Paddling on the Rio Roosevelt

  Today we finally reached the Rio Roosevelt! As we paddled around a bend in the Rio Branco, the Rio Roosevelt came into view. Everyone howled with joy. We are finally descending the river that President Theodore Roosevelt’s party explored 100 years ago. One of our goals is to see how the river has changed Read More

Preparing to canoe the Rio Roosevelt

5_12_14StudentResponse(Lower) 5_12_14StudentResponse(Upper) On Friday Paul  Schurke and I will get on an airplane in Duluth, Minnesota and fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil.  We are busy organizing and packing our equipment for our trip. We will spend over 6 weeks in Brazil. We will be exploring the Amazon Rainforest. We will spend over a month canoeing Read More