Howdy! I’m Alyce and this is my perspective on Expedition Mentality. Big Goals for the Source of Confidence Expedition: Canoe the 4th longest river system in the world Share the journey and experience with people along the route and via the internet Talk about the confidence building process in a vulnerable way Learn and grow through Read More

You win, Lake Sakakawea. July 30th- August 4th, 2016

July 30, 2016 New Town Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota Not a bad day in paradise. A light breeze out of the east not causing much trouble. The Saturday motorboat crowd, here for the fishing tournament, was stirring the water today. They aren’t so bad either. At least something to watch. The landscape is shifting too, as we paddle east. The Read More

Women of Tobacco Gardens July 23rd-29th, 2016

July 23-29, 2016 Tobacco Gardens Resort and Marina Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota Natural rhythm A day can quickly turn into a week on the river. Time does not exist here as we have known it elsewhere. In the canoe, a watch is useful only to tell how much time has passed. There are other ways Read More

Half the distance with three times the effort. July 19th-22nd, 2016

July 19, 2016 Missouri River, Ft. Union Trading Post, North Dakota At 2am, strong winds woke me as the mesh of my tent walls was pressed against my face. Lightning in the distance drew me out of my tent to fasten my rain fly. No big deal, everything was in place, all I had to Read More

Back on the River and Life is Sweet! July 13th-18th, 2016

July 13th, 2016 We awoke to the silent sounds, as the wind was no absent from our lives. We sprang into action once the alarms woke us from our slumber. Exactly a week ago today we paddled into the marina. Besides a short paddle of 4.5 miles and 1 .2 mile portage, we haven’t traveled Read More

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Sessions: Staying sharp on the river We met a man along the river who told us about a special stone called “Tiger Eye”. It’s a gemstone with black and gold and some orange mixed in. Tiger eye, the man told us, is believed to bring strength and good power to whomever holds it. It must be Read More

The End of June Already! June 25th-30th, 2016

June 25th, 2016 At 7am, we awoke to the wind shaking our tents like multiple hands gripping the nylon fabric. The weather we had been expecting finally showed its face and we were thankful to have paddled when conditions were favorable. We decided to call it a wind-induced rest day with the choice made easier by being 2 full Read More


Hi! I’m Lisa. These are my goals and what I think about myself when I approach Expedition Mentality. Big Goals for the Source of Confidence Expedition: Support and respect the team through collaboration Gain confidence in my ability to set and hold personal boundaries Break overly-critical and negative thought patterns Gain confidence in sharing my ideas Read More