More rapids and a community

The nature of the river has changed. The calm stretches between rapids are shorter and there are many more small rapids and riffles. Like Roosevelt we have noticed that the trees are getting larger as we descend the river. This was a very important fact for Roosevelt because very soon his men would have to Read More

Our first visit to a Cinta Larga community

Last night we camped by the bridge near the Teneie Marques, a Cinta Larga community. Brazil was playing in the World Cup. We could hear cheers coming from the community. We think the whole village was watching the game together. Brazil won and just before dark two teachers and several children walked across the bridge Read More

Navaite Rapids and Top Hat Rock

Three days ago we loaded our canoe where Theodore Roosevelt first caught a glimpse of the Rio Roosevelt. One hundred years ago Roosevelt and his team followed the telegraph line to where it crossed this then unknown river and began their descent. The river seems unchanged from Roosevelt’s time. The forest is alive with a Read More

Animals abound on the Rio Branco

6_2_14StudentResponse(Lower) 6_2_14StudentResponse (Upper) Our first few days on the river have been full of animal encounters. We have seen over 30 macaws, howler monkeys, giant river otters, tapir tracks, many different butterflies, tons of fish and even an electric eel! The electric eel is one of the Amazon’s most amazing critters — It packs a Read More