Lake Superior Animals

9_22_14StudentResponse_lower 9_22_14StudentResponse_upper   Last week’s Notes from the Trail was all about fish found in Lake Superior. As promised, this week we will focus on the other animals that live in and around Lake Superior. Animals that spend time in and around Lake Superior are mammals like river otters and beavers, amphibians like wood frogs, Read More

The Fish of Lake Superior

9_15_14StudentResponse_lower 9_15_14StudentResponse_upper   The results of last week’s Cast YOUR Vote are in. Students have chosen that we should research the fish and animals of Lake Superior. There are 34 native fish species and a total of 88 fish species in this massive lake. “Native species” means a plant or animal that lives in the Read More

What do you want to learn about the world’s largest lake?

Amy and I will spend the next two weeks sailing our 27 foot sailboat, Yemaya, across Lake Superior. Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. (Lake Baikal in Russia is the biggest by volume.) Lake Superior holds over 3-quadrillion gallons of water and covers an area approximately the size Read More