The dogsledding season ends in Minnesota (but continues in Greenland)

3_24_14StudentResponse (Lower) 3_24_14StudentResponse(Upper) Yesterday Amy and I said goodbye to the 70 sled dogs that we spent the winter working with at Wintergreen. We are heading to Chicago to visit schools. We will also be getting ready to head to the Amazon Rainforest in May. It is sad to think that another dogsledding season in Read More

Exercise for Sled Dogs and You

3_3_14StudentResponse(Upper) 3_3_14StudentResponse(Lower) Sled dogs are very fit athletes. Training is important for them. Sled dogs who race need to train even more than the dogs we work with. The Canadian Inuit dogs at Wintergreen need to be in good enough shape to pull a heavy sled all day at a slower pace. Racing dogs need Read More

Watching the Wolf Track Classic Dogsled Race

2_24_14StudentResponse(Upper) 2_24_14StudentResponse(Lower) Yesterday, instead of hooking up our dogs and going out dogsledding, we took a break and went to watch a dogsled race. The Wolf Track Classic is a 65-mile long dogsled race that starts in Ely, Minnesota.  The starting area was buzzing with activity as 65 mushers and 500 sled dogs prepared for Read More

Filming a Dogsled Adventure

2_3_14StudentResponse(Upper) 2_3_14StudentResponse(Lower) Last week Fitz Cahall and his assistant Alex came to Ely, Minnesota to make a short film about Amy and me. The wind was howling as we loaded our supplies into the dogsled to head out on an overnight camping trip in the wilderness with them. The wind chill was between -40F and Read More

North American Odyssey


  On Earth Day (April 22) of 2010 Dave and Amy Freeman began a three year, 11,700 mile journey across North America by kayak, canoe, and dogsled. Their goal is to gain support and protection for North America’s waterways and introduce over 75,000 elementary and middle school students to wild places though this website and Read More