Dog of the Week: Bullet

  Type of dog: Canadian Inuit dog Age: 9 Birthplace: Churchill, Manitoba Favorite position: Lead   Hey there young ones. I’m Bullet. I was born north of here—in Canada. I was adopted by John Stetson and spent several years in his kennel. Then I moved to Wintergreen. I like to run in lead. I’m an Read More

Dog of the Week: Belle

Type of dog: Canadian Inuit Age: 10, born in March of 2004 Birthplace: Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge; Ely, MN Parents: Thule and Blue Favorite position: Swing   Hello. My name is Belle. I’m not so sure about this dogsledding thing. I’m a good dog and I really like people. I’ll run if you put my harness Read More

Dog of the Week: Two-Tone

  Type of dog: Alaskan Husky Age: 5 Birthplace: Stetson Racing kennel in Duluth, MN Favorite position: Lead   Hi! I’m Two-Tone. Look into my beautiful white eyes and you’ll fall in love. You must come and pet me. Then, put my harness on and let’s go dog sledding! Really, I want to go dog Read More

Dog of the Week: Romeo

  Type of dog: Canadian Inuit Age: 5, born in July 2008 Birthplace: Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge; Ely, MN Parents: Covey and Jens Favorite position: Swing   Hi! Hi! Please pay attention to me! Hi! I’m going to bark and bark until you come over and pet me or put my harness on. I’m ready to go. Always ready! My bark Read More

Dog of the Week: Sage

Type of dog: Canadian Inuit/Polar Husky mix Age: 6 years Birthplace: near Ely, MN Favorite Position: Wheel Hi. I’m Sage. Let’s go! I want to go. Come on! Ooh. What’s that smell? That’s interesting. Okay. Can we go now? I want to pull the sled! Will you pet me? Yeah. Scratch behind my ears. Okay. Seriously, I Read More