Black Rhinos: A Success Story in Namibia

We were lucky to find a connection to home on our trip:  we met Jeff Muntifering, a Conservation Biologist for the Minnesota Zoo.  Jeff and his family live in Namibia, where he has worked with Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) since 2002 to protect endangered black rhinos. We’ve learned a lot about things people have Read More

Food & Trees For Africa

In two cities in South Africa, Johannesberg and Cape Town, we connected with a great organization called Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA). FTFA runs a number of programs that have to do with green things — their programs involve tree planting, food security, carbon offsets, education and more. Johannesberg: Hug a Tree (Trees for Read More

Elephants Everywhere

We’ve seen lots of African elephants on our trip — in South Africa, Namibia, and especially, Botswana. In some places in Botswana, there are herds of elephants right by the side of the road (and numerous road signs reminding drivers to slow down and watch out for elephants.) In Chobe National Park (Botswana’s second-largest national Read More

Mafura, Miombo and Mozambique

In Mozambique, we learned about something different:  soapmaking. What does soapmaking have to do with the environment?  If you’ve ever read the label on a bar of soap, you know that soaps can be made of many different things.  Many soaps are made with palm oil.  In Costa Rica, at the beginning of our trip, Read More