Switch From Canoe to Car


My time in a canoe has come to an end. After spending a chilly night at Fort Charlotte, I was surprised to see Dave and Bryan pick up the canoes the next morning. They were carrying the canoes instead of paddling! This meant that I wouldn’t have a chance to ride. Amy put my pack on my back and away we went down a trail through the woods.

As we walked, I thought that surely we would see water around the next turn. We walked for a long time. Eventually, they put me on a leash and we crossed a road. Shortly after that, the trail ended at a big wooden building and a huge lake. I took a drink from the lake. The water was really cold!10_18_11FennelCar

Amy’s dad was there. I was confused when Dave, Amy, and Bryan didn’t set up camp like they always do. Instead, they loaded all of their stuff into a car. I climbed inside too. Then they put the canoe on top of the car.

Now I spend a lot of time in the car with Dave and Amy. It is kind of like being in the canoe, except it goes faster. I heard that we will be visiting schools soon. I can’t wait to see all the kids!

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