Swimming Rapids

Did you know that I am a good swimmer? I can actually swim in rapids! When Dave and Amy paddled the Swan River, they told me that I couldn’t be in the boat when the water got really loud. Can you believe that they would just pull over, tell me to get out, and then proceed downriver without me?! Well, I sure didn’t like that. I would bark and then run after them, pushing my way through the underbrush.

Sometimes, it just seemed easier to get in the water. So I would wade in and start swimming toward the other side. That noisy water sure is fast. It would always push me downstream a ways before I could make it to the other side. This wasn’t always where I wanted to get out, but at least I ended up closer to Dave and Amy. They would stop and call for me when they were done paddling the rapids. What a relief! They didn’t leave without me! I’d run up to them and jump in the boat, hoping for a chance to relax.

Unfortunately, they made me get out for five rapids. Five! By the last two sets of rapids they either decided that I was too tired or that the rapids were easy enough to keep me in the boat. They didn’t let me out and I didn’t move a muscle. Actually, I slept through one of them.

So you can imagine my relief when we got onto Reindeer Lake. Dave put the cover on the canoe, and I knew we were in for some long days on big water. This meant lots of naps in the sunshine! Did I mention there are lake trout in Reindeer Lake? This is my kind of canoe trip!


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