Some of Our Favorite Pictures

Amy and I left the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness on Friday after 365 days.  There is so much we want to share with you about what we learned and how we feel about accomplishing something so important to us.

Right now we are getting caught up on some really important things, so we thought we would take this chance to share some of our favorite pictures from the year and give you the chance to write about them.

We will be telling you more about the end of our expedition in the next couple of weeks, but we want you to know right now how much we have appreciated the opportunity to share our adventure with you.

How would you describe this picture to someone who couldn’t see it? 

Share your answer!



If you could be in this picture right now, would you want to be?  Why or why not? 

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Tank was our companion for over half of our trip. He was valuable to our success as well as being a great companion.  Tell us about an animal that has been important in your life. 

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We were fortunate enough to see a bunch of wildlife.  In your opinion, what was the coolest animal we saw, and why? 

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