Sleeping By the Fire

This week the weather changed and another person joined our group. Bryan, a friend from Grand Marais, joined us. I still ride in the same spot in the canoe between Dave and Amy while Bryan paddles another smaller canoe. I like to watch him paddling nearby.

One day it was warm just like summer and the next was cold and rainy. It rained for days. As you already know, I do not like rain. I really don’t like riding in the canoe in the rain. I had just about the worst day ever. . . I rode in the canoe in the rain. Then we had to portage, so I got out of the canoe and Dave strapped my pack on. There is nothing worse than wearing a wet pack over wet fur. We had three portages that day!

The day ended well though. When we got to our campsite, I searched around for a dry spot. When I didn’t find any dry ground, I scratched the dirt under a tree stump. I found dry dirt and relaxed for a while. Then I noticed that everyone was gathered around this metal grate with stones piled around. Even though it was dark out, there was light coming from this spot.

I walked closer to investigate. It was warm! I guess this is called a fire. Dave somehow started this fire and was cooking over it. Bryan and Amy must have liked this warm spot too. We all hung out there for a long time. I fell asleep. My fur dried out. Even after the humans went into their tents for the night, I stayed in this spot. The fire was out, but it stayed warm for a while.




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