Running With the Dog Teams


Well hello again. I have taken a little break from writing and it is good to be back. After we finished canoeing, Dave and Amy drove around and gave all sorts of presentations at schools. I sure liked going to these presentations. It seemed like I was more popular than they were. (Don’t tell them – it might hurt their feelings to know that I was the real star of the show.)

Anyway, we are in Ely, Minnesota now. It is winter. There is white stuff on the ground. I think it is called snow. I like to eat snow. It is kind of like taking a drink of really cold water. Dave and Amy put their canoe away. I think they can’t really use it now. The lakes are hard. Dave told me that the water turned into ice. We can just run on the lakes – on this ice stuff. I have learned that the ice can be kind of slippery. I use my claws to keep from slipping.

I like running. Sometimes Dave and Amy strap on skis and I run with them while they ski. There are lots of other dogs here. I try to make friends with the dogs. Most of them like me, but some of them growl at me. These dogs get harnessed and hooked up to sleds. They take all sorts of people out on the lakes and in the woods. Sometimes I get harnessed and get to pull the sleds with them.

I like pulling sleds. Once Amy puts my harness on and attaches my tug line, I start barking. I don’t stop barking until the sled starts moving. We run and pull. We go all sorts of interesting places. There is so much to smell and explore! At the end of the day I am tired and a little sore, but it is so much fun, I don’t want to stop. It is hard to keep up with all these young dogs, I guess at 13 years old I am starting to slow down a little bit.




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