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Cedar: We are now in Nipigon, ON. It is the most northerly freshwater port in the world! It is very beautiful. It is sooo warm, it is ironic that the more north we go the warmer it gets! A few nights ago we were in this really nice place called Loon Harbor. There was this beautiful bedrock beach, and we played this really fun game called “Thicket”. We have also been swinging a lot like always. When we were in the Nipigon Bay coming into Nipigon we saw these really cool pictographs. They were really pretty. It is fun to think about how long they have been there—thousands of years!

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Brooke: We are in Nipigon, Ontario now. The weather is SO gorgeous! The sun is shining and it is 75 degrees!  The warm, sunny weather of the past few days has been great for swinging. A few days ago the interns even tried swinging!  Tomorrow we are sailing to Rossport, Ontario, where we are going to do another public presentation. On Sunday, I’m leaving the Sea Change trip and going home. I can’t believe the 2 weeks of my trip are already pretty much over! It has gone by so fast. I am very glad I got to come on this trip. It has been amazing!

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Lamar: Nipigon is such a cute town! There’s so many little shops. The Paddle to the Sea play stations are a lot of fun too. Brooke and Claire are leaving in only two days! It went so fast! Yesterday we saw some prehistoric pictographs. They were really cool but kind of hard to find.  Tomorrow we are going to Rossport, it’s a really little town. Barely more than a dock.  The showers at the Nipigon Marina didn’t have hot water last night so that was a surprise but I think they turned on the hot water heater so hopefully there’ll be a hot shower tonight.  It’s been really warm which is funny since we’re in the most northerly part of the lake! THAT’S kind of backwards.

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What is Sea Change 2016? A spring sailing voyage on Lake Superior!  Life-changing adventure with a purpose:  to inform, demonstrate, and inspire climate change solutions along the shores of Lake Superior. Follow along through the crew’s regular blog posts.

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