New Friends

I met another canoe dog this week. One day, Dave and Amy were paddling along while I napped. Suddenly there were four more canoes, filled with people and – a dog! This dog was a lab-husky mix too. Although he was quite a bit smaller than myself. I was very excited to see them. When his canoe floated close to mine, I jumped into his canoe wagging my tail.

Well, he seemed a bit surprised by this and jumped into the next canoe and then ran away on shore. Oh well. It was nice to meet these new people too. Just think, eight more people to pet me and potentially give me food.

We even shared a camp with these people and this new dog. I got to try some of the dog’s treats. I also discovered that this dog has a much more luxurious set up than I do. First of all, his treats are really tasty. He only has one portage pack – and it is about half the size of mine! Brace yourself for the biggest shock – he sleeps in the tent with his owners!! I have never been inside of a tent. I have only tried to get in their tent once in a thunderstorm. I never realized that a dog could sleep in a tent every night. That is crazy! I am so jealous. I wish I could join these people. But I hear they are heading north. I like going south because I know that is in the direction of home.





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