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I am a red-eyed tree frog. Interesting facts: I’m an insectivore (that means I mainly eat insects). I have suction disks on my fingers and toes that help me stick to leaves. Females must find a really good spot to lay their eggs, as tadpoles have to develop in water. So they look for a leaf that hangs over a pond. When the tadpoles hatch, they swirl around like crazy, slide off the leaf and plop into the water. I am nocturnal, meaning that I am only active at night. During the day I sleep. I have big red eyes, blue and yellow striped sides, and orange or red feet as a defense mechanism. During the day, I sit on a leaf, close my eyes, and tuck my legs in to cover my brightly colored sides. Then the parts of me that you can see are entirely green, and I blend into leaves really well. I’m really hard to see. If a predator (someone that wants to eat me) does see me and comes close, I open my eyes and maybe start to move. All of a sudden there is a sudden flash of color that can confuse my predators for a split second, which hopefully is enough time for me to get away. My predators are snakes, bats, spiders, and birds. I am not venomous (not poisonous).