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This is a millipede. Like the clue said, millipedes are not insects, because they have many more than 6 legs. In fact, sometimes they have 1,000! The millipede’s body is covered in a hard protective shell. This adaption is one of the ways the millipede survives in the flooded forest. Millipedes have poison inside of them, but they are very careful about when to use it. They have various areas in their bodies where poison is stored. They generally will only release the poison from the part of the body that is being attacked. If, however, they are being attacked by a number of predators, the millipede will release poison from all areas of the body, leaving the predators in a cloud of poisonous fumes. When all of the poison has been depleted from the millipede’s body, they still have a second line of defense. The millipede has a toxic coating of poison on its hard exterior shell that repels attackers. Millipedes can be found hanging out on rotten logs, especially after heavy rainfall and flooding.