Dolores Burdick


Dolores Burdick’s teaching experience began at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy where she helped design and teach the Summer Adventures Program and facilitate the Summer Challenge Program for two summers. She has taught mathematics at DePaul’s Summer Gifted Program, and Chicago’s 7th and 8th grade Gifted Mathematics program during the regular school year. She has taught mathematics across the grade levels (including High School) She designed and implemented integrated Math and Science units, Family Math Nights, and a Math Computer Lab.

Dolores enriched her student’s learning by following the Wilderness Classroom during the Amazon Expedition. Dave visited the school for both pre and post assembly presentations. The students visited the Shedd Aquairum’s Amazon Rising Exhibit. The school’s hallways were decorated to become an Amazon Rainforest during the annual reading night. Utilizing the Wilderness Classroom Web Site was truly a memorable experience for both students and teacher.

Dolores Burdick graduated from the University of Illinois circle campus with a Masters of the Science of teaching mathematics. She began her college studies after raising her 4 children, has taught for 15 years, and is now assisting the Wilderness Classroom by bringing additional resources into schools in Chicago that participate in our Student Explorer Program, writing lessons and helping with teacher training.