Meet the Scientists


Over the next two weeks Amy Freeman will we working with three geologists in the Slate Islands.  She is helping them do field research and will be posting daily updates. You can follow their scientific expedition and learn along with the Scientists.  Today is the team’s first day of research. We want to introduce you to the three scientists that Amy is working with.



Sonia Tikoo is currently finishing her PhD in Planetary Science at MIT.  She will begin working as a postdoctoral researcher at UC-Berkeley in January 2014.  Her research focuses on paleomagnetism and rock magnetism:  how rocks record magnetic fields, and what this can tell us about the history of the Earth and other rocky planets in our solar system.










Nick Swanson-Hysell is a geologist who works as a professor in the Earth and Planetary Science Department at University of California, Berkeley. He is particularly fascinated by the history of the ancient Earth and using the magnetic properties of rocks to deduce this history. His geology research has taken him on field expeditions to all seven continents. You can learn more about him and his research at:













I am a junior geology major at Carleton College in Minnesota. I enjoy running, backpacking and playing rugby.

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