Media Resources

Here is a link to media resources for the Rio Roosevelt Centenial Expedition.

Below is a sampling of images and videos from the North American Odyssey. These are available for news organizations to use in stories related to Dave and Amy Freeman and the North American Odyssey. Use of these images and videos for other purposes is not allowed without written permission from the Wilderness Classroom. A photo credit with the photographer’s name is required.

Click on the images below to download a high-resolution version.


Amy Freeman kayaking along the British Columbia coast in the Inside Passage. Photo by Dave Freeman

















Dave Freeman kayaks with two humpback whales along the Alaska coast. Photo by Amy Freeman



Amy paddles while our GoalZero solar panel charges our batteries on Wollaston Lake, Saskatechewan. Photo by Dave Freeman


Amy and Dave Freeman land in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Photo by Lili Colby


Dave and Amy Freeman near Tulita, Northwest Territories during the 900 mile dogsledding stage of the North American Odyssey. Photo by Ron Doctor


Cirrus and Jasper in lead position, pulling 3 weeks worth of supplies across Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories. Photo by Ellen Root.


Dogsledding in a blizzard on Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories. Photo by Van Conrad


Students raise their hands, eager to volunteer at a school assembly near Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Amy Freeman


Students on stage hold up a life-size replica Humpback Whale tail near Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Amy Freeman


Dave and Amy Freeman’s 11,700 mile route from Bellingham, Washington to Key West, Florida.

Video Clips

Below are links to a few of our videos on Vimeo. Clicking on the links below will take you to each video. At the bottom of each video clip you will see a a download button, which will allow you to download a high quality version of the video. Many news organizations have used clips from these videos along with footage they shoot during interviews in their stories. You can also embed the whole video in your website.

The North American Odyssey (3:39)

This video contains a variety of clips and an animated map. It outlines the North American Odyssey. This is a good clip to watch to get an overview of the North American Odyssey and to pull clips from for news segments.

Kayaking Rapids on the Ottawa River (0:41)

This is a series of clips of Dave running rapids on the Ottawa River.

Hurricane Sandy

Dave surveys the damage to a local kayak shop in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey the day after Superstorm Sandy. Dave and Amy stayed in the area helping with clean up efforts for 5 days after the storm passed.


You can access all of our videos on Vimeo by following the link below: