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Throughout the 2013/2014 school year the Wilderness Classroom is partnering with the Kraft family to connect classrooms with their family as they explore 14 countries during a year long adventure around the world. They will be posting regular updates to the Wilderness Classroom website as well as their own blog.

The Krafts will share mystery photos, videos and other content about the animals, cultures, art, geology, and a variety of other areas of study, depending on where they are. They also plan to identify and explore an environmental issue in each area they visit.

The Kraft kids currently attend an International Baccalaureate or IB ( and elementary school in the Minneapolis area. During the year, their parents, Larry and Lauri, will be homeschooling them. But as they plan to re-enroll the kids in the same school when they return, they are using IB outcomes to guide much of their curriculum and how they’ll approach different topics. This should make for a unique perspective in the content they share.

While they are still planning the details of their curriculum, a few of the educational topics that they’ll likely tackle include: the rainforest, deforestation, glacial melt, global warming, evolution, animals, coral reefs, why people fight and the impact of war, understanding different cultures, European art, and the Arctic.

Meet the Kraft Family
Jamie is 8; Jason is 6. During the trip they will be in 3rd and 1st grade, respectively, and will each have a birthday. “We’re really excited to experience the world and some of the issues we’ve identified through their eyes. It’s already fascinating just to talk about the concept of the trip with them: Jamie is most excited about visiting India and dogsledding in the Arctic, and she’s bummed about not being in the States for Halloween… it’s mostly about missing out on a giant bag of candy,” explained Larry.
Larry is a high-tech executive and most recently has run marketing and sales at Digi International, a $200M public company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lauri has managed PR for a technology company, performed full-time in musical theatre, and lately has been working on writing a children’s book.
Below is their itinerary along with time estimates for when they will be in each country.

Leaving Minneapolis – mid-August 2013
Costa Rica – mid-Aug – late Sept
Peru – late September – October
Galapagos – Early-Mid November
Minneapolis – Mid-Late November
Australia – December
Vietnam & Cambodia – January-mid February 2014
India – mid-Feb – March
Namibia – April
Zambia – May
Europe (Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway) – June – July
The Arctic (Svalbard) – early August
Back home! – mid-August 2014
You can learn more about the Kraft Family Adventure using the links below.

A Prezi that explains their journey

The Kraft Family Blog

Jamie and Jason’s Blog

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