If you were heading into the Wilderness for 365 days, what would you bring?

We are busy packing all of our equipment and getting ready to head into the Boundary Waters for a year. A year is a really long time and we have to be prepared for fall, winter, spring, and summer. Luckily friends will bring food and other supplies into the wilderness for us. Approximately every two weeks, all year long, we will get food and supplies from our friends. As the weather gets colder and fall turns to winter, we will have warmer clothing, warmer sleeping bags, and other equipment brought into us. We have to be able to carry all of our food and supplies on our backs across hundreds of portages. Portages are trails that we will use to get from one lake to the next.

Almost everything we bring has to serve and important purpose. Helps us decide what we should bring. Make a list of 5 things that you would bring with you into the wilderness and explain why you would bring them.

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