Howling With Dave

Something remarkable happened yesterday. It had been a long day in the canoe. I was also pretty sure that Dave and Amy didn’t know where they were going. You see, after lunch I noticed that we were heading into the wind and then we passed by familiar places and smells. We even passed our campsite from the night before!

Anyway, it was getting to be evening and Dave started singing a funny, made-up song. This happens a lot. He whistles quite a bit too. Usually when he does this, I whine a bit. However, with this particular song he sang a high note for a long time. What was remarkable about it was that it sounded just like a dog howling. Now, it has been a really long time since I’ve been around a pack of dogs and I sure do like a good howl.

So I joined him. I was a little hoarse and off-key at first, but it sure felt good to howl. Eventually, even Amy joined us in the howl. We didn’t get any response though. There must not be any other dogs or wolves around. I can’t wait to howl again sometime!P8210504

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