Hot Dogs!

I met a lot of new people a couple of days ago. Dave and Amy paddled to a place called Loon Straits. First I saw a few cabins, so I knew there would be people there. They talked to a woman who was sitting out in front of one of the cabins and she invited us to land our boat.

Soon more people arrived. I got pets from Lynda and Richard, who own the cabin where we stopped. I also met Edgar and Doreen. Apparently Dave knew Edgar and Doreen already. He had stayed at their house eight years ago when he was on a trip in the winter with Eric Frost and my two brothers Lichen and Saylix. Well, any friend of theirs is a friend of mine (especially since they gave me dog biscuits.)

Oh – I almost forgot to mention the best part. Richard built a fire and then brought a plate full of hot dogs out of the house! I was hoping that he would feed them all to me, but he and Dave roasted the hot dogs and all the people ate. Luckily, there were a couple hot dogs left over after everyone was done eating. Guess who got to eat those!

Thank you to everyone at Loon Straits for a wonderful time. I was happy to get the dog biscuits and hot dogs and I think that Dave and Amy were happy to get the water, dinner, a great place to camp, breakfast, and even a bag full of fruits and vegetables.9_12_11LoonStraits

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