The Holden Boys Move Aboard

kayaking in the fog

Lamar: In Rossport we dropped off Brooke and Claire. It was really sad to see them go. but it has been really fun with Coulter and Cedar Holden.

From Rossport we went to the Slate Islands. On the way there I threw up from seasickness. It was horrible! But then we explored this wooden shipwreck that was old and broken. It was on the bank of the shore. We think it was burning so they beached it. On the same island we found two old bathrooms and lots of old metal things. Later we looked in the guidebook and found that there was an old logging camp where we had been exploring.


Cedar: A few days ago Brooke and Claire left thus ending the first leg of the trip. We spent the last day with them in a very quiet, lonely and pristine anchorage called “Old Man’s Pocket”. We kayaked around, did some swinging. Then we topped it all off with these super yummy pizzas that we make out of pitas and then we grilled them. They are much better than regular pizzas because they are not greasy at all. Claire mentioned that she wanted to go swimming at least once on this trip, so she, mama, and Zander jumped in. Both Zander and Claire jumped in twice. The second time they both did really nice dives. The water was clear that you could see them under water. Claire was so graceful that she looked like a mermaid. Now Coulter and Cedar Holden are on board and we have been having a lot of fun.

everyone working on the blog


Coulter: I joined the crew on the Amicus II for the Second half of the 2016 Sea Change trip up on the far northern shore of Lake Superior on a beautiful day in Rossport ON. I am 15 years old and from WI. I am excited to see new places around the Lake and sail. When I moved on board I put all of my stuff onto a locker behind a settee cushion and it all disappeared .

Lamar and Coulter doing dishes


Cedar H.: Hi I’m Cedar Holden. I’m 12 and have been sailing before but not for a while so it was it is fun sailing again. I have been helping put up the main sail. It lies across a metal bar that is called a boom. The boom is attached to the mast. To hoist the main, we attach a rope called a halyard to the top of the sail. Then you pull on the halyard until the sail goes up. I pull until I come off the ground and then I use a winch. Then we tie it off to a cleat. When the wind blows, it hits the sails and pushes them over but not all the way because the bottom of the boat, called the keel, is so heavy (10,000 lbs.) that when the boat heels sharply over the keel rights the boat again. When the wind is really strong, we reef the sail which means we take the sail halfway down and then tie it off. I am eager to learn and help and be a better sailor.

Cedar G., Coulter, Lamar working on sails

What is Sea Change 2016? A spring sailing voyage on Lake Superior!  Life-changing adventure with a purpose:  to inform, demonstrate, and inspire climate change solutions along the shores of Lake Superior. Follow along through the crew’s regular blog posts.

To learn more, contact:
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