Getting Wet

I don’t like to get wet. There are two reasons that I get wet on this trip. The first doesn’t happen very often, but I am miserable when it does. I am talking about rain. If we are in camp when it rains, that is no big deal. I either go hide under a tree or climb under the tarp that Dave and Amy set up for me. I really don’t like it when it rains when we are in the canoe. There is nowhere to hide. I have to just sit there and get wet! Then I am stuck sitting in a puddle!!

The other reason for getting wet is when I go in the water. Sometimes I might wade in the water after a fish, or what I think is a fish. Lately, Dave and Amy have been doing something strange. We will be in the canoe and everything is great, but when they get to a spot where the water is noisy, they get out of the boat! They then walk along in the shallow water, pulling the boat through the noisy water. I don’t want to be the only one left in the boat, so I hop out. But then I am stuck trying to chase after them. Most of the time I can find a way along the shore. Sometimes I think they are getting too far from shore, so I wade and swim out to check on them. This makes me very wet. Luckily, it doesn’t last for long. Then we all get back in the canoe and I groom myself and then take a long nap.P7030287

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