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Brooke: My name is Brooke Doughty and I am 15. I live near Marquette, MI and I am homeschooled. I will be sailing with the Gordons on Sea Change for the first two weeks. So far the trip has been really fun!

We did our first presentations yesterday at the high school in Two Harbors. Cedar and I did a slide about food that is grown and sold right here in Two Harbors. I am pretty shy until I get to know people, so I was kind of nervous about the presentation. It went really well, though, and I am glad about that.

I really have enjoyed a lot of things about the trip so far. The test sail was great; it was so fun to sit out on the bow with Cedar with the wind blowing in our faces. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the crew. They are all really nice. Cedar, Lamar, and I have been swinging, too. Sometimes Cedar and I will go out and swing together; we made up a fun game on the swings. There is also another way of swinging that the three of us all do together. I’m looking forward to what the rest of the trip brings and I am very excited to do more sailing! #the first few days

Cedar: We have been on the boat for three days now. We are settling in, and that’s always nice. We went on a test sail the other day and Brooke and I sat out on the bow pretty much the whole time. It was really wavy and we kept getting splashed, but it was still super fun. It was nice to see that Lamar was in the cockpit and did not get seasick.

By the end we were SOAKED! Yesterday we had our first presentation. Brooke and I told the audience about local food. It was a little scary but that’s ok. It was to the High School so I knew most of the kids. Today it is really blowing and it is cloudy and raining.

Lamar: Our crew has been here for three full days and we’re forming a unique group and settling into boat life. It’s starting to feel normal to wake up in my bunk.

We had our first two presentations yesterday. The crew all have their own slides that they made, except for me because I am NO WAY talking in front of a crowd. But everyone did really well.

Tonight we’re going to my Grandma and Grandpas’ for dinner which means more than one big pot! That’s not going to happen again for a while.

Two nights ago we had some lifelong residents of the lake over for dinner to talk about their memories of what the lake used to be like. Back when they were kids you could depend on having a lot of   ice going all the way across the Lake. People could drive trucks across to the south shore. It’s amazing what the Lake used to be like before climate change. One of them brought pickled asparagus. I didn’t think I’d like it but it was really good.

Two days ago we went out for a test sail to learn how to steer and work the sails. I was really surprised I didn’t get seasick. I’m taking a new kind of homeopathic remedy for seasickness that worked really well. I just hope it will still work when we go out for a longer sail. Fingers crossed

I’m definitely settling into boat life and getting to know our new crew.

What is Sea Change 2016? A spring sailing voyage on Lake Superior!  Life-changing adventure with a purpose:  to inform, demonstrate, and inspire climate change solutions along the shores of Lake Superior. Follow along through the crew’s regular blog posts.

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