Garbage in the river

Last week we collected all of our trash and found that we produced one large zip-lock bag of non-recyclable trash during the week. Most of the trash was plastic bags from food. Based on your suggestions we will try to refill containers with bulk foods like rice and dried beans rather than buying them in plastic bags to help reduce the amount of trash that we produce.

Unfortunately, as we paddle downstream from Ottawa we have started noticing a lot of trash in the river. At one of our campsites we found 3 times as much garbage as we produce in a week scattered along the edge of the river. It is really sad to see and we are not sure what we should do. We could spend all day searching the shoreline picking up trash, but then we would never make it to Washington D.C. before winter. However, it is sad to see trash in the river and we feel like we should be picking it up. What should we do? What would you do?

Keep Exploring!


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