Financing the Source Of Confidence Expedition

us in canoe

We need your support to make this historic expedition happen! We will be the first all-female expedition to canoe this 4,000-mile route, however, this expedition is an undertaking with intentions beyond personal achievement. We are doing this to provide girls and women access to strong female role models in a unique way. We aim to inspire and teach girls and women to take positive risks, to process failure and celebrate success, and ultimately, to pursue their passions and follow their dreams. This is an opportunity for you to support us in achieving our dream AND to support young girls and women in discovering how to take positive risks and build confidence.

With your financial contribution we will be able to make this expedition a reality. Your contribution will help us afford the equipment necessary to achieve success on the expedition including the technology we need in order to connect with our audience and teach along the way. Your contributions will also help us in the development and delivery of the Source of Confidence curriculum before, during, and well after the Expedition itself. We are grateful for any contribution you are able to make. Any amount will be crucial in making this expedition happen.

Will you join us today? Click here to make a donation:  


Not sure how much to contribute? Join the Penny-a-Mile campaign and donate a penny for each mile we will paddle. We are approximating we will paddle 4,000 miles, making that a $40 contribution. Go here to jump on this opportunity to make a once-in-a-lifetime dream a reality:

Thank you for supporting the Source of Confidence Expedition. We hope you will join us by making a contribution today!

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