One Week Until We Set Sail


Cedar: It is about a week away from Day 1 of Sea Change 2016. We have started the final prep work. We will be getting our big order of bulk food such as nuts, flour, rice, beans, and dried fruit. We have started packing and making lists of thing that we still need. It is always a little crazy at this time of year but that’s ok.

People often ask if I miss land life when I am on the boat. Kind of. There are definitely things that I miss. Do I miss living in a house with my own room and lots of space? Not really. I like living on Amicus because I am close to my family the pretty much all the time. Do I miss my friends? Yes, definitely! I miss laughing and talking with my land friends. I also love being with my family and crew. It is a special time with the people that I am with. I t is like I have two worlds. My boat world, and my land world. This year that is mixing a bit. My best friend Brooke is coming on for the first two weeks. I am very happy that she is coming into the Amicus family that is ever expanding. We are both sooooo excited. Do I miss land life activities? Yes!! That is probably the part that I miss the most. I am in Distance track and that is the hardest part….leaving that. Having said all that there are plenty of things that I miss about boat life when I am living at home.

The outdoor company White Sierra sponsored us last year. This year they are sending us raincoats (Thanks!!). Those should be coming in the next few days. Also Bogs Boots has sent us boots for all of the years. They are very generous, and we love having warm feet. As it gets verrrry cold. All the little things are starting to fall into place, just like they always do. Only four days! I’m sooooo excited!!!!!:)

Lamar: I can’t believe we’re so close to departure! Sea Change has really crept up on me this year.   Now we’re packing supplies and gear. I’ve also started to pack my own clothes. We went to Duluth yesterday to get more warm clothes and art supplies. School is becoming lots of packing and getting ready and less academics. YEAH!   Today we packed games and art supplies. Although mom vetoed ClueL. I’m trying to think of cool ways to remember the trip other than journals. Maybe scrap booking? Our house is definitely pretty crazy right now but it’s also exciting.

Our crew gets here on Saturday. I’m excited to meet them but also a little nervous. The crew is always nice though.   I’m hoping to get one more gymnastics class in before we leave because missing so many is going to be one of the hardest parts for me.

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