Day173: Strong dogs and ice trails on Snowbank Lake

Perched in the shade of a tiny island in the middle of Snowbank Lake, we waited for our visitors to appear. Soon they rounded a point and came into view. Six people walked across the ice hauling a small dogsled and two pulks filled with their supplies along with food and treats. Tank, Tina, and Acorn pulled us across the icy lake on our skis with ease. The powerful sun had softened the ice, forming a surface that the dog’s paws could easily grip, but our skis slid across the nearly frictionless surface. These perfect conditions typically only last for a couple hours on a warm, sunny day. The dogs trotted towards our friends, easily pulling us across the ice; no skiing or poling required. We were not the only ones out enjoying the beautiful spring day. We spotted several other parties in the distance as we traveled across the lake to meet our guests. In the afternoon most of our visitors had to head home. The dogs were raring to go so we decided to add a few additional passengers to Land’s dogsled. Pretty soon the dogs were trotting across the lake hauling our friends Becky, Hellen, Land, and a giant backpack! The extra weight didn’t faze the dogs at all! Daily Data Days Spent in the Wilderness: 173 High Temperature: 56 F Low Temperature: 38 F Miles Traveled: 8 Number of Portages: 2 Number of Lakes Visited: 2 Animals Encountered: Ravens 4 Bald Eagle 2

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