Day170: Knife Lake Ice

The ice-covered lakes made for fast travel today. We worked our way across Moose, Newfound, Splash, Ensign, Vera, and Portage Lakes on our wait to Knife Lake. We are camped on a campsite where we spent two weeks during freeze up. It was fun to think back about all the howling wolves, singing ice, spawning cisco, and memorable moments that happened as we slowly traveled from Knife to Moose during freeze up. Slowly we are coming to grips with the fact that winter may be coming to a close. We traveled over 20 miles today. We look forward to a few more long days of travel while the conditions are good. Daily Data Days Spent in the Wilderness: 170 High Temperature: 42 F Low Temperature: 30 F Miles Traveled: 21 Number of Portages: 7 Number of Lakes Visited: 7 Animals Encountered: Ravens 3 Northern saw-whet owl 1 Black-capped chickadee 7 Bald Eagle 1 Grouse 2 Otter 1

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