Day 350: Trumpeter Swans in the Boundary Waters

Scanning the lake for our seven glistening white neighbors has been a real joy during our stay on Nina Moose Lake. Trumpeter swans were hunted to near extinction but they are coming back and each year we have started seeing a few more in the Boundary Waters. The seven magnificent birds, that seem content to gorge themselves on wild rice, are the most we have even seen gathered together.

They are massive birds that grab our attention anytime they are near. It’s the sound of their wings that can be heard from several hundred yards away that awes me the most. The air rushing past their wings sounds like a small plane flying overhead.

I want to remember many things from our week spent ricing and visiting with friends on Nina Moose Lake. I hope the sound of the swans taking flight and circling overhead, the rhythmic thumping of their wings, the air rushing over their feathers and their trumpet-like call spurring each other on will be at the center of those memories.

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  1. hannah waldner
    Posted September 8, 2016 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    how is it going ? school had started 3 day ago and we are back on wilderness againg.

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