Day 346: Swans in the Morning Mist

There is a primal enchantment aroused when you wake to a blanket of mist covering your temporary home on the edge the water deep in the Wilderness. I often find myself fiddling with dials and switches, trying in vane to capture the moment with my camera. Maybe it’s best that the camera can’t capture the cool moist air soothing trail-worn muscles or the silence broken by swans skimming the tree tops overhead and disappearing into the fog as they glide towards the water’s surface.

This is the real world– wild, free and untrammeled. We don’t find it on our phones or computer screens, TVs or radios no matter how many times we surf the web or change the channel. We have to put all that noise away and make pilgrimages into wild places to remind ourselves what is real and what is important. We have to slow down, unplug, and just be.

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