Day 344: Morning Magic in the Boundary Waters

“Hey Layne, it’s about to get good.” A blanket of fog hung over the lake and the sun’s first rays would crest the trees any minute. I scrambled to set up my tripod, rub sleep from my eyes and explain to Layne Kennedy what was unfolding just outside his tent.

A minute later Layne’s head poked out of his tent and we were soon chattering away about light, shadow and fog. It was clear that we were about to witness something magical and our excitement soon had our camp bustling in the predawn light. Jason and Goose launched a canoe and paddled out into the fog.

Fog flowed over them, sun sparkled over the wild rice and danced off their paddles. We can’t capture moments like these in words or images, but we can try to illuminate their essence, inspiring others to heft their pack and head out in search of their own singing Wilderness.

Moments like these fuel our souls and bring into focus the intangible values of Wilderness.

We must all speak loudly for this quite place.

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