Day 320: Food and Friends on Fall Lake

We began loading our canoe as the sun burned the final whisps of fog off of Fall Lake yesterday morning.

We spent nearly a week on Fall Lake visiting with a continuous stream of friends and family. With all the visitors came an astounding amount of fresh food and delicious treats.

Just yesterday our friend (and amazing French chef) Bernard paddled up to our campsite and delivered some of the best food we have eaten all year. As if his homemade pound cake, rhubarb compote and lasagna weren’t enough, he procured a watermelon from his pack too!

That evening we had a visit from Paul and Sue Schurke– owners of Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge and Wintergreen Northern Wear, along with their daughter, Berit, and a friend. It was such a treat to see those guys. After they left, our friend Dave arrived with the fixings for rootbeer floats. I’m not sure what got us most excited, seeing our good friend, the novelty of eating something cold or the super sweet taste of rootbeer and frozen custard.

Fresh food, friends, and family are really about the only things we miss out here, but it feels good to be on our own again moving deeper into the Wilderness.

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