Day 316: Cupcakes!

We always enjoy baking cakes and other treats in our fry-bake and when I am guiding canoe trips I almost always bake at least one cake. The best is when someone in the group has a birthday so we can add candles and sing Happy Birthday to them out in the Wilderness. Last summer I planned to bake a chocolate cake and a carrot cake for a group I was guiding and I was surprised to learn that Abby and Carlos Jimeniz own two cupcake shops, Nadia’s Cakes, and that Abby won Cupcake Wars several years ago.

Before I knew it Abby was zesting oranges, substituting coffee for water in our cake batter, and helping me take wilderness cakes to a whole new level. The cakes were a big hit, and we had a lot of fun. Besides the baking tips, they also gave me a tiny radio when they learned Amy and I would be paddling into the Wilderness for an entire year. We listen to that radio almost every day; it has proven to be our major source of news.

This summer Abby and Carlos brought their kids to the Boundary Waters and they dropped off 4 cupcakes for us at Ely Outfitting Company for our friend Jason to deliver. Jason said it took a lot of self control, but all 4 were delivered in pristine condition! Thank you Abby and Carlos– what a wonderful treat!

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