Day 292: How do we take photos of ourselves?

People often ask us who takes these photos. There are wild rumors flying around that we have a photography gnome that fits neatly in the outer pocket of our @GraniteGear portage pack. Rule 11 on the back of your Boundary Waters Permit states that a quite camper is a leave no trace camper and since photography gnomes are known for causing a ruckus late at night while normal campers are sleeping, we are pretty sure they are not allowed in the #BWCA . With this in mind we searched high and low for a way for us to document ourselves without the use of a photography gnome. Our solution is rather simple. Today we were wading up a series or rapids along the Granite River and this particular cedar-lined rapid spoke to me. Amy held the canoe in an eddy while I scrambled ahead and set up our Panasonic GH4 camera on the tripod. I composed the shot, focused, adjusted the exposure, and then put the camera in time-lapse mode. I set up the camera so it would take one photograph every 3 seconds, clicked the shutter and returned to the canoe. Then Amy and I waded up the rapid to another eddy. I scrambled back to the camera and stopped the time-lapse. The camera had taken about 45 photos during that time. At camp I loaded the 10 images that had us in the frame to examine more closely and chose this image to share, no photography gnome required!

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