Day 280: Campfire Tales on Polly Lake

A thick blanket of fog slowly dissipated as we enjoyed Trailtopia Oatmeal and sipped our coffee. By 8 AM the fog was gone and Tank, Amy, and I were climbing into our 19 ft Wenonah Itasca to head south for Square Lake. We were scheduled to pick up supplies from two groups on Square Lake.

We met Jon Westby and his group on the final short portage into Square Lake. Jon is a teacher and he signed up to help with a resupply shortly after we put out a call for volunteers in the fall. He knew this would be a good time for him to organize a group because it is during his summer break. Jon explained that over the last few days when it came up in conversations that he was paddling supplies into us many people said to say hello for them or were curious about why this couple spending A Year in the Wilderness.

After saying goodbye to Jon and his party we met up with a group of high school students from Chicago who are part of their school’s Wilderness Club. They are exploring the Wilderness with us for 5 days and everyone was still brimming with excitement as we roasted marshmallows and swapped stories by firelight as the brightest stars emerged.

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